Updates In And Around Phoenix Real Estate

Dated: 03/11/2019

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  1. CBRE claims the West Valley is ready to take-off… It holds one-third of the Valley’s Population and has a workforce younger and as educated as any other region. The 303 Logistics Corridor continues to grow w/the new Microsoft purchase of a major part of the Goodyear Air Park

  2. ASU is starting construction on a $130MM/400 Unit Resident’s Hall in Central Phoenix

  3. APS is investing $943MM into clean energy between now and 2021

  4. Get your Fit on… Gyms are now taking over big retail vacancies previously held by Grocery Stores. Also, commercial lenders used to frown upon this and make lending difficult for these gyms. Now these same lenders realize how much revenue a gym can generate w/Memberships, Occupational Therapy, Classes, SWAG and more!

  5. Aspirant to build a second location estimated at $80MM on 3rd and Fillmore, in downtown Phoenix

  6. Fuji is expanding in Mesa and estimates it will spend $88MM on their project

  7. Rivulon is in the next phase of their $750MM expansion on 250 acres in Gilbert

  8. $169.27 is the average Food and Beverage revenue generated per room in Phoenix lagging only, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Boston and New York… huh… pretty good

  9. Sky Harbor passengers for January of 2019, yes just one month… 3.7MM passengers… up 3% from January of 2018

  10. Bell Bank from N. Dakota has established itself in Chandler and is looking to expand in Phoenix and in Scottsdale… $5.4B in assets

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