I hear over and over from both Realtors & Home Owners that properties don't sell during the holidays! This couldn't be more wrong! The holidays are an excellent time to put your home on the market. Here's why:


Demand is up!

Many Sellers don't think that there are buyers looking during the holidays, so many don't put their home on the market. This reduction in inventory actually INCREASES the demand for homes since there is indeed Buyers out there. In fact, these buyers are often the most serious! These buyers are moving due to relocation, or their current home sold and need to move soon! They aren't window-shoppers!

Here is the current Cromford summary for Phoenix showing data with supply vs demand.

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"I don't want to show my home" or "I don't want to miss decorating"

Easy! We can schedule "block out" dates for when you have family, friends or events going on. These are dates that we'll coordinate buyer tours around, so that your holidays aren't interrupted. Don't not-decorate! This is perfect staging for the season! Holiday decorations make home feel warm and inviting.

If you're considering putting your home on the market after the holidays, consider the current market conditions as well. Perhaps the timing is right for you after all. Don't let other Realtors that aren't interested in working during the holidays affect your decision with made up excuses on why homes don't sell!